Calgary Real Estate Christmas Kicker: Bazaars!

option 1 Indoor Shopping at Equi-plex Shopping
Image courtesy of Spruce Meadows International Market Website

It’s November, and Christmas is in the air here in Calgary so my wife Bette tells me I have to take a quick break from selling Calgary real estate to scout for gifts in one of the many Christmas bazaars opening here this month.

Christmas bazaars are the official kick off of the season… and if you haven’t gone to one yet, you might want to try going this year because it’s a great experience. You’ll start to feel it’s Christmas, you’ll start to get into the giving mood, and you’ll start to revisit Christmas values. If you’re planning to drop by here in Calgary anytime soon, we have a good number of bazaars that you could visit. In fact, we have almost 70… and counting! There’s the Annual Christmas Market at Crestmont, the Christmas Craft and Trade Show at Sandstone Valley, the Holiday Gift Market at Hillshurst, and a lot more. Bette and I always go to at least one of these two bazaars, though.

Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market

We normally go to the Christmas market at Spruce Meadows because it’s near our place. Bette has been waiting to go back there to find some nice home decors in time for Christmas. I like the homemade ornaments because they’re different from the commercial ones. Last year, we found this ornament that really looked awesome with its lights on, and we got it at a bargain price, too!

Spruce Meadows  has more variety to offer than most Christmas bazaars – it has food, music, lights and everything that makes for a festive environment. And while walking around the bazaar, I’ve even bumped into friends and clients selling all sorts of wares — and that really doubles the fun!

Priddis Christmas Craft Sale

This is a bit farther than Spruce Meadows but I like this bazaar because I think it’s got a lot of class and it sells lots of one-of-a-kind gifts, mostly crafts like glass paintings, pottery, quilts and wood carvings, that are not commercially made and that are originally handcrafted by local artists and crafters. But what I like most at Priddis are the homemade jewelry with stone fittings that are made of gems found in Canada. And it seems I’m not the only one who likes them, as I’ve learned that they’re the hands-down bestsellers in this bazaar! Bette likes them too; and in one of our visits here with some friends, I saw her particularly enamored with a necklace, so I asked a friend who was with us to go back to the vendor and buy the necklace. I’ve heard that a lot of people our age usually don’t give gifts to each other anymore, but to me, that’s not fun and in keeping with the Christmas spirit, so I won’t be breaking that tradition any time soon.

If you ever decide to visit one of these bazaars, just remember to bring cash as not all the sellers accept plastic, besides which paying in cash makes it easier to haggle — and that’s the most fun that you’ll have in bazaars! I’ve been pretty successful with getting a good price for my purchases too. Having had a lot of negotiation experience as a Calgary real estate agent has come in handy!

Would you like a stress-free real estate experience? If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell in the next few months, call me today at 403-605-6440 or email me at and I’ll put you and your needs first.

About Brad Willson

Brad Willson has been making home buying, selling and investing in the Calgary area smooth and stress-free for nearly a decade. He is an awardee in the Calgary Real Estate Board Million Dollar Club, a member of the RE/MAX 100% Club and a recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award, and is one of the few Certified Condominium Specialists in the Calgary area. Brad is as devoted to his clients as he is to his wife and two children who are now young adults.


About bradwillson

For nearly a decade, Brad has been a hardworking Calgary real estate agent with RE/MAX and specializes in residential real estate and working with investors. He prides himself on making transactions smooth for both buyers and sellers and continually expands his knowledge of the industry. Brad is one of the few Certified Condominium Specialists in the Calgary area. Brad’s level of professionalism has also brought him recognition as an awardee in the Calgary Real Estate Board Million Dollar Club and as a member of the Re/Max 100% Club. Brad originally hails from Penticton, British Columbia and moved to Calgary with his wife Bette and their two children in 2002. Prior to his becoming a realtor, he was the General Manager for a printing company that employed nearly 200 people. When Brad isn’t busy selling Calgary real estate, he is usually making plans for his annual vacation trek to Central America.
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