Fond Memories Of Calgary By A Calgary Real Estate Agent

Image Courtesy of Calgary Herald

I’ve been helping people buy and sell Calgary real estate for many years, and I feel very fortunate because the headlines these days say Calgary is booming. I don’t even need to see the statistics to know it’s true; when one of the biggest branches of Tim Hortons in this city runs out of donuts, you’d know the market is crazy! But how did this is all start anyway?

From a city best known for cows…

Any mention of Calgary before 1947 immediately brought up images of cows grazing on miles and miles of prairie. That’s not a bad thing, especially because that’s how the city’s world-famous Calgary Stampede started: as a small agricultural show and rodeo in 1912. To this day, when it’s Calgary Stampede time in July, the whole city shuts down for 10-12 days — it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. And you’d be odd if you wear a suit; people dress up as cowboys. I take my family to the Stampede grounds each year and Calgary won’t be Calgary without it.

… to one that’s taking all the bows

The story of Calgary’s boom started when huge oil reserves were discovered in Alberta in 1947. In 1973, when global oil prices surged with the Arab oil embargo, Alberta’s oil resources took centerstage in Canada and Calgary’s economy boomed. The drop in oil prices in the early 1980s dragged down Calgary’s economy with it, but the city recovered and became a major cosmopolitan and cultural hub when it diversified to tourism, light and high-tech manufacturing, film, e-commerce, transportation, and services. Today, Calgary is the Best Large City in Canada, the Top Canadian Investment Town, and the 5th Most Liveable City in the World. And it’s showing no signs of weakening, with impressive economic growthpopulation and in-migration, and housing market forecasts. The TD 2014 forecast even hails the province of Alberta as the “comeback kid,” with a housing market that’s among the healthiest in the whole of Canada. In fact, Calgary may be on the verge of another boom once Alberta’s new oil pipeline is approved. When that happens, Calgary is expected to rank even higher on the list of the best spots in North America for employment.

I think the roots of Calgary real estate make for a great story, but the plot is getting even better!

Would you like a stress-free real estate experience? If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell in the next few months, call me today at 403-605-6440 or email me at and I’ll put you and your needs first.

About Brad Willson

Brad Willson has been making home buying, selling and investing in the Calgary area smooth and stress-free for nearly a decade. He is an awardee in the Calgary Real Estate Board Million Dollar Club, a member of the RE/MAX 100% Club and a recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award, and is one of the few Certified Condominium Specialists in the Calgary area. Brad is as devoted to his clients as he is to his wife and two children who are now young adults.


About bradwillson

For nearly a decade, Brad has been a hardworking Calgary real estate agent with RE/MAX and specializes in residential real estate and working with investors. He prides himself on making transactions smooth for both buyers and sellers and continually expands his knowledge of the industry. Brad is one of the few Certified Condominium Specialists in the Calgary area. Brad’s level of professionalism has also brought him recognition as an awardee in the Calgary Real Estate Board Million Dollar Club and as a member of the Re/Max 100% Club. Brad originally hails from Penticton, British Columbia and moved to Calgary with his wife Bette and their two children in 2002. Prior to his becoming a realtor, he was the General Manager for a printing company that employed nearly 200 people. When Brad isn’t busy selling Calgary real estate, he is usually making plans for his annual vacation trek to Central America.
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